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Don’t just ski. Love to Ski.


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Palmer Hoyt loves to ski.


Skiing is a metaphor for life. By improving at skiing you can improve your whole life.

Palmer Hoyt’s excitement for skiing and his passion to share it with others is outrageous. His smile and enthusiasm are contagious. On or off the mountain, being around Palmer will make you both want to ski, and love to ski.

Palmer Hoyt inspires through skiing:

AthletePro Skier


Palmer’s influence on the sport is considerable. His consistently, and frequently published photos and videos are invaluable. Palmer aspires to be a marketing machine, making a measurable impact endorsing and promoting the brands he represents.



During Palmer’s 8 year tenure as Executive Director and Head Coach of the University of Colorado Freestyle Ski Team (CUFST), the team won five National Collegiate Freestyle Skiing Championships and is widely regarded as the best collegiate freestyle skiing program in the country.

LeaderLove to Ski


Palmer is the author and founder of Love to Ski, a curriculum, philosophy, and movement revolutionizing skiing. Love to Ski is well known by all types of skiers. Palmer currently directs events promoting the skiing experience while increasing skier participant numbers.

ExampleFacilitator & Speaker


Palmer is an experienced executive coach, business facilitator/consultant, and speaker, conducting seminars and training sessions based on the CARE-SMILE-WIN method.


The gear Palmer Hoyt relies on to perform.

Palmer takes pride in enthusiastically promoting the brands that support him. The companies Palmer represents receive great exposure and opportunities from partnering with Palmer and his endeavors.

Palmer Hoyt

High Return Investment


The background and exploits of Palmer Hoyt.

The story…

Palmer Hoyt wields a captivating personal story of battling through the depths of adversity to overcome challenge.

Palmer Hoyt represents skiing. As a collegiate freestyle coach, he and his team have won 5 national championships. He is an internationally published ski athlete, and is respected through the skiing world for his influence and enthusiasm. Despite his success, Palmer Hoyt’s skiing journey began with a massive mountain to climb.

At the age of 22, Hoyt suffered a serious accident while driving to ski training. The resulting head injury ended his competitive skiing career. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of defeat, Hoyt overcame the challenges of a disability and rebounded.

When cognitive difficulties forced him to redevelop life-skills, Hoyt relied on the sport of skiing as his source of guidance and teaching. By simplifying difficulties, he streamlined his recovery. The injury provided both the obstacle and opportunity for Hoyt to develop a new approach to learning skiing technique.

The skiing simplification methods Hoyt developed for his rehabilitation became his secret to sharing the sport with others.

Palmer Hoyt


Palmer does not confine himself to one type of skiing or a singular view of the sport. Rather, he is dynamic, and it shows in the work he produces.

On the slopes, Palmer’s special art is bringing creativity to the mountain. Whether freeriding in the backcountry, perfecting new moves in the park, or pioneering long, steep lines way up high, Palmer charges while pushing the limits. Off the mountain, Palmer is effective at initiating, and supporting skiing-related projects and sustainable business partnerships.

Palmer works with high profile companies and professionals in and out of the ski industry. He is relied on for his commitment to making things happen.

Palmer Hoyt is out there – working hard, and determined to do more. He is fun to work with, and most importantly, produces results.


Palmer Hoyt is in demand – from magazine covers to feature articles to TV interviews to celebrity appearances. This skiing icon delivers!


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